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Morning Mentoring: Programs
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Morning Mentoring℠ is an entrepreneurial coaching program that matches startups and young companies with experienced entrepreneurs (Queen City Angels) and other successful business professionals in the fields of finance, operations, marketing, etc. The program’s goal is to grow the mentee’s business by removing barriers and creating solutions in a confidential and learning environment.

Morning Mentoring℠ is an excellent opportunity to present, network, and receive expert feedback from successful business mentors. This long-running and proven program has helped hundreds of new companies grow and expand. Morning Mentoring is a collaborative effort between HCDC and Queen City Angels. You can either get involved as a mentor or a mentee – we are looking for both.

Most recently Morning Mentoring has changed to a virtual format and schedules closed sessions for presenting companies and mentors on Thursdays from 9:00-10:00AM.  Mentee companies are selected from the pool of applicants to present on a specific Thursday in a given month.  The session begins with the introduction of the mentors and their backgrounds. The companies then begin their participation in the morning session by introducing their business in a seven-minute presentation. After the presentations, the mentors and presenting team interact for 45 minutes. At 10:00 the presenting companies leave the session and mentors discuss the different aspects of the presenting company’s business model and provide constructive feedback to be sent to the presenting company shortly after the session.

Morning Mentoring℠ encourages startups and young companies with a technology focus in Southwest Ohio to apply. Potential mentees must own their business, have a strong desire to grow, and be able to discuss challenges that their business faces. Four mentee companies are selected monthly by the HCDC’s Business Center and Queen City Angels.

Spaces are limited.  Don't miss your chance for this fantastic opportunity.


Morning Mentoring: Testimonials
Image by Christian Perner

The feedback and questions are always so valuable and helpful going forward.  I have a lot of homework and action items that I have taken from our meeting that will only help the company and myself grow.

- AppyHour

It truly was an inspiring experience and I spent Friday and the weekend in a flurry of studying, conversations, and revising my business plan and investor deck.  Thank you.

- Mobility Health

It was kind of your team to provide such granular and insightful feedback.  I have been involved with a few angel groups before and have not seen anything vaguely of this quality.  It is much appreciated.

- RapidFort

I greatly and sincerely appreciated the feedback from you, your consolidation of input, and the personal time this exceptional cohort of mentors, technical experts, and investors contributed.  This made such a positive impression on me.

- OXbyEL Technologies, Inc.

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