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Are service providers, contractors, and consultants that provide products and services to HCDC members that assist them in the development of their companies.

  • Exclusive access and invitations to events with members, community partners, and professional partners.

  • Access to our HCDC showcase event in February 2022. 

  • Opportunities to showcase expertise and services to members.

  • Co-branding and marketing opportunities locally and nationally.

  • Exclusive partner benefits, discounts, and sponsorship opportunities at HCDC organized workshops, conferences, trainings, and other events.

  • Individual recognition locally and nationally through the HCDC websites and social media platforms.

  • Opportunity to earn money via referrals that turn into BC members.

  • Annual Partnership Fees​
    • $600/yr for business with 10 or more employees

    • $300/yr for businesses with 10 or less employees

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